5kW Solar Panels


Are you looking for information that will make you informed about 5kW solar panels? If yes, the content covered in this write- up is unquestionably what you need. A 5kW kit is a product that needs 400 sq ft of space. Basically, 5 kilowatts i.e. 5kW is equivalent to 5,000 direct current power. This means it can produce approximately 350 to 850 kWh of alternating current power per month. This can be achieved if only there is at least five sun hours daily with the solar devices placed in a strategic position whereby they are facing south.

Since these days the market for solar panels is occupied by fake and original products, it is recommended you do you home work before liaising with any purveyor of 5kW solar panels. Courtesy of experimentation, you’ll locate legitimate dealers of solar panels who will offer inexpensive and/ or very satisfactory services.

How Many Solar Panels are needed for a 5kW System?

Assuming you will use 250W panels, you’ll require 20 solar panels to form a 5Kw solar system. Every solar panel you use should be approximately 1.6m x 1m. This means you will require about 32 square meter of roof space.

How Much Power Does a 5kW Solar System Produce Per Day?

If your 5kW solar panel is an unshaped device facing south, it will likely produce between 14.5 to 23 kilowatts per day. Achieving this will be determined by the location or space in which the solar power system is installed.

How Much Does a 5kW Solar Panel System Cost?

In Australia, the price of 5 kilowatt solar systems is between 2.95 and 3.50 AU dollars per watt. This means an average cost of between 14,750 and 17,500 AU dollars before the 30 percent solar tax credit.
After the 30 percent solar tax credit, the price of 5 kilowatt solar systems will equate to a range of 10,325 to 12,250 AU dollars.
However, the price will vary by state and will be determined on whether the solar power system is financed or purchased for cash. According to research, most solar financing deals have an initial fee of 10 to 12 percent and therefore systems which are financed are often 10 to 15 percent more expensive.

Benefits of 5kW Solar Panels

*Increased Output:

A 5 kilowatt solar system features panel- level output, enabling every panel to independently output power from other panels. This increases system performance significantly in any weather condition.

*Easily Expandable:

This type of solar power system is easily expandable and can only be limited by your roofing space.

*System Safety:

Courtesy of a 5 kilowatt solar system, you will not require having high voltage direct power connection cable runs. This will increase safety for you as well as you family members.

Once you’ve purchased a 5 kilowatt solar system, it is important you consider hiring a competent and qualified person to assist you in installing the item so that it can serve you accordingly.

Bottom Line 

There are many other merits associated with a 5 kilowatt solar system. Ensure you purchase soon this kind of solar power system so that you can experience the pros linked with it.

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