Solar System Cleaning & Testing prices

Solar System cleaning and associated rates.
Rates are listed below and the services provided.
Service agreement A will ensure your system is working properly and identify the fault within the system.
Service agreement B Is the replacment of the faulty componet, this service would also include addition testing and fault finding in some cases..

Service description A.
This service is to ensure the over all system is functioning an meeting daily expectations, this will identify if the solar system is working under standard field conditions and servicing your home or grid as expected. This service is to identify if at all which part of the system is a fault. 

  1. Over all check to see the solar system is performing as expected
  2. Clean Solar panels
  3. DC cable connections – secure
  4. DC Isolation check – Isolates under full load
  5. AC connections at Inverter – Secure / insulated
  6. AC Isolation switch – ensure its functioning
  7. DC Short Circuit Current and Open circuit Voltage test, this will identify whether there is a fault within the solar system.
  8. Inverter is clean and free of cooling obstructions.
  9. inverter Electrical connections
  10. Inverter Functions – parameters
  11. Inverter AC voltage matches Grid Voltages.


System size  Service Description Price  Ex GST
1.5kw A $350.00
2Kw A $375.00
3kw A $395.00
4kw A $400.00
5kw A $500.00
10Kw A $800.00
Larger systems A On application

Service Description B.

This service B is a more technical approach and is designed to find or identify fault within the Solar System and which component is at fault. EG: solar panels, cabling, isolation fault. This is the testing needed if there is to be a warranty claim or replacment of products. This service includes the testing of each panel within the system and all electrical connections, this agreemnet does not include replacement of faulty products but prices and quotes can be supplied.