Do you suspect the following?

  1. Not enough Power being produced from the solar panels.
  2. Not enough Solar power going back to the grid.
  3. Your electricity or energy account has not reduced as expected.
  4. The Solar inverter is to hot.
  5. The solar power Inverter is not coming on early enough.
  6. Inverter has a fault error.
  7. Your Solar power inverter is making to much noise.
  8. You have shade issues.
  9. Your System is installed incorrectly.

Potential Issues.

  1. Solar Panels are dirty, this can be as simple as one Solar panel having shade as a result of heavy soiling, this will effect the whole solar systems performance not just the one solar panel in question.
  2. Faulty panel or panels within the solar power system, this will reduce the out put significantly on each string.(warranty issue)
  3. DC isolator fault, resulting in zero energy to the inverter and the grid.
  4. Poor electrical connections, this will increase the potential for solar power system failure and electrical fault.
  5. If there is a poor connection, there is risk of over heating and the potential for fire.
  6. Inverters are not functioning as expected, reducing AC to the grid, this could be an MPPT fault. (warranty issue)
  7. Solar Panels should be installed at the optimum angle and direction for maximum output.

Steps to Ensure your solar panels are performing as expected.

    1. Solar Panels should be Cleaned every 6 months.
    2. The Solar system should be diagnosed to be sure the system as a whole is meeting its output expectations.
    3. Solar Panels and the Solar system should have the strings within the the solar arrays tested for open circuit voltages and short circuit current to ensure they are in balance.
    4. Condition of electrical cabling and fixings should be inspected to be sure they are in a serviceable safe state.
  1. DC and AC isolation switches should be checked to ensure there is no voltage leakage making the system unsafe.
  2. Roof area checked for shading, this may have come about after the system was installed

Working with Residential Properties and what it Involves.

Visiting your home to evaluate Solar system and its design, we will check the cleanliness of the solar panels, the working state of the solar panels and the solar inverter, we will check the DC and AC voltages

Checking: We don’t need to remove your solar panels to do the initial electrical tests , we will perform the preliminary tests on the ground at the inverter, if there is a clear panel fault this will require further investigation.
Providing a quote: If the system is in need of cleaning and repairs we can provide a quote on request, most warranties will only cover the replacement of the Solar Panels no labor?